Recreation – Sports Fields, Golf, Rinks & Beaches

Recreation – Sports Fields, Golf, Rinks & Beaches

Recreation – Sports Fields, Golf, Rinks & Beaches.

Part 1
I do not support any development on any of the Golf Course. All 18 holes to remain intact.

In 2015, while I was on the CRCA recreation board, I put forward a plan to expand Chestermeres recreation facilities, which I still support. CRCA would be sold to the City, add a Hockey Rink, Field House and Pool.

Which included expanding Memorial Beach and adding Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Pickleball, Splash Park and Skateboard Park.

Part 2
Additionally, creating a major sports fields venue by the Water Slides lands, east and north of HWY 1. Having 2 quad Baseball fields, 8 Soccer/Football Fields, Campground and a Exhibition Grounds for Rodeo and similar events.

Part 3
Finally, creating a long public beach / swimming area at John Peake Park, with small marinas. Further enhancing this area by designing a Entertainment District with a Boardwalk. Including Shops, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, wine bar, and live music. An area to explore and walk around.

I agree with the sceptics that all of these venues need to make financial sense, including the Pool. I do feel we can be creative and develop solutions that will stand the financial scrutiny.

Part 4
Along with the CRCA upgrades was rerouting the road around the CRCA building. Again this is an idea and would involve all of Chestermere putting forward opinions and ideas. Creating a much larger beach area for the sport activities. Tennis, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, splash park, skateboard park.

Though, you can see back in 2015, the point was not to affect the Golf Course. Obviously, work with the Golf Course and keep all 18 holes.

I would like these ideas and others to be put together and proposed to the residents for support. Disclosing all costs. With the goal of having most of these items paid for by developers and industry.