Experience + Expertise

Jeff Colvin Your Next Mayor

Long Time Chestermere Resident


Jeff, his wife, and three daughters are proud to call Chestermere home. There’s no better place to raise a family and grow as a community, and Jeff will work hard for the city that he loves.  As a caring father and third-generation Albertan, Jeff is committed to improving the quality of life for all of his Chestermere neighbours.


Jeff’s grandfather came to Calgary from Scotland in 1906 at the age of six, and Jeff was brought up admiring the innovative and caring spirit of the Calgary area. He never strayed far from his roots, attending the University of Lethbridge, and settling down in Chestermere in 2001.



Leadership and creativity are Jeff Colvin’s family legacy. His father operated a successful and respected business with integrity, and his grandfather was a creative, out-of-the-box thinker.



Currently, Jeff is the principal and founder of Regional Water Enterprises LP with an area of specialty in utility operations, planning, strategies, and infrastructure development.


Prior to founding Regional, he developed, owned, and operated numerous community real estate projects including residential condominiums, office complexes, hotels, restaurants, and pubs.


Jeff has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a focus in Finance and Marketing, with minors in Mathematics and Economics. While attending university, he worked for the National Energy Board and Mobil Oil.


Utilities Experience:

Jeff has experience in owning, operations, pumps, controls, testing, maintenance, treatment & filtration. Additionally designing, planning, seeking approvals, construction and implementation.



Professionally, Jeff’s current focus is with water and sewer utility treatment and use of water licenses for raw lands, along with resort operations.


Jeff’s past experience centred around construction and operations of commercial buildings, water and sewer utility construction, design and operations, infrastructure development, storm water construction and management.  His expertise will be critical to address the long outstanding CUI issues, as well as the fiscal mismanagement that has haunted past councils.


Jeff has also had direct ownership, planning, approvals, and construction involvement in retirement and seniors communities, hotels and conference facilities, resorts, and restaurants – expertise that will bode well when planning future community projects with fiscal responsibility.


Commercial Experience

Jeff has owned and directly involved with Design, Planning, Applications, Approvals & Construction of Retirement & Seniors village design and development, hospitality industry with hotels & conference facilities, resorts, restaurants and office complex campus.




All this experience has proven to Jeff the power of perspective and collaboration. He thrives on ideas, envisioning solutions from as many angles as possible.


He values credibility and knowledge, and encourage people he works with to explore new ideas and ask questions.


Jeff will bring this leadership and expertise to Chestermere, to help create a city that respects his neighbours hard-earned money while giving them the amenities they want, have demanded and need.


If you would like to learn more about Jeff and his expertise and experience – reach out, he wants to hear from you!