“I‘m a husband, dad, business man, and community leader, and I think Chestermere is the best place in Alberta to live. I work here, my wife Stephanie and I are raising our family here. Our daughters go to school here, play sports here, have friends here. Chestermere is our home and I want to retire here.”

“I am a concerned resident and I want to make life better for our entire community.”



It’s Time to Get Things Done Right!

City Hall works for you, and you deserve to have the Chestermere you want. Unfortunately, high debt, uncontrolled spending, skyrocketing homeowner tax, and poor planning have left us in a position of not feeling heard or respected. It is time for an ethical leader, who has the expertise to tackle the real issues, and is committed to getting the job done right!



I believe in transparency, intelligent planning, and doing what’s best for our residents. I‘ve called Chestermere home since 2001, and I‘m passionate about dealing with the issues that we‘re all tired of talking about. It’s time for practical solutions and a real plan that is executed with transparent leadership along with true community engagement.”



Developers Must Pay More! Pay for all upgrades required and pay back the community for built infrastructure.


Increase Commercial Development to increase tax revenue to reduce residents tax.


Review City Departments for cost cutting option and identify inefficient areas


Setup Controls to stop city from raising taxes without public approval.


Reduce Debt – debt is out of control!


Set Up Controls to stop the city from significant spending without public approval. Full disclosure and transparency to the public.


Large Project Planning Division with highly skilled professionals, fully paid for by the developers.


Not in favour of rezoning golf courses for any future development.


Expand beach and boardwalk at John Peake Park.


Expand Memorial Beach lands, adding tennis courts, basketball, volleyball courts.


New Sport Areas + Fields Hockey Rink, Soccer, Football and Baseball Fields.


Indoor Pool efficiently designed to keep costs low.


Seniors + Retirement Living


Warehouse District. Low city services usage, increase in commercial tax opportunities


Resort Town Feel Green spaces + more trees, golf course amenities for adults and youth residents.  As well, tennis, volleyball, basketball courts, fire pits and water sports

Jeff Colvin



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Jeff’s First 120 Day Promise


Below are the HOT BUTTON issues I promise to deal with in my first 120 days. I will address these long over-due issues with EFFICIENCY, EXPERTISE, TRANSPARENCY and COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT!


We need less red tape at City Hall, MORE ACTION. We need to get things done, NOW.  If you have a HOT BUTTON ISSUE that you want to see addressed – connect with me – let’s talk! 

1 NOT in favour of rezoning golf courses for any future development

2 Civil Discourse Policy REMOVED!

3 CUI (1538974 AB Ltd.) completely integrated into the City

4 CUI costs need to be CUT

5 Full TRANSPARENCY of all City Financials + CUI Financials

6 New planned Civic Centre Recreation Complex needs to be REVIEWED. $40m is a lot of money. WE demand more for that money!

7 REVIEW of City Hall and Public Works setup and expenses. Costs need to be reduced.

A Vote For Jeff is a Vote for the Future


As your Mayor, I bring to the table business acumen, construction expertise, utility management, and the financial proficiency needed to solve the outstanding city issues, along with the expanding needs of our community.


  • Lower Taxes
  • Full Transparency
  • Chestermere City Planning
  • Holding the City Accountable
  • Commercial Expansion

  • Lower Taxes
  • Control Spending
  • Expand Family Amenities 
  • Expand the Recreation Center
  • Creation of a Swimming Pool
  • Add 2 New Hockey Rinks
  • Add Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Fields
  • Add 2 Quad Baseball Fields
  • A healthy population is a successful population
  • Improve Lakefront Community Areas 
  • Fire Pits
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pickle Ball Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Beach Volleyball
  • New Skateboard Park
  • Lakefront Entertainment District + Boardwalk
  • Maintaining a safe community 
  • Creating an environmentally friendly town
  • Review, update and change current By-laws
  • Encourage development of Seniors Facilities
  • Streamline City Hall

“A Mayor for Our Family Community”


Get Involved, Use your Voice, Be Heard

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  • Logistics Managing – signage / brochure distribution
  • Brochure Drops – walk your community, meet your neighbours, share the Jeff2021 for Mayor message
  • Events – plan an event with Jeff at your business, invite your customers and colleagues
  • Show Up at Jeff2021 for Mayor Events – help spread the message, pass out buttons and brochures
  • Social Media Ambassadors – become a Jeff2021 Social Ambassador with stories, posting, sharing Please sign up for an area of interest – we‘ll be in touch with the date for our first Ambassadors Meeting